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article by: Michael Canter

11 July 2014

Jivewired Record Crates Now Available!

Record storage, whether you’re new to vinyl or have been collecting for decades, is a constant challenge. But we’re here to make it a little less challenging with our new Jivewired.com customized record crates!

These wooden crates hold, depending on the thickness of your records, between 100-150 LPs. And the coolest part is, the 1901 Jivewired logo is featured prominently on each end of the crate so you can show your love for your favorite indie music site!

Design by Julie Shelton

The crates are $39.99 unassembled or $48.99 assembled [plus a minimal shipping charge - order four or more and we'll waive the shipping fees].

You can also add a Jivewired "Friends. Music. Life." T-Shirt to your order for an extra $25.

Jivewired LP Crate

We also have CD crates that are perfect for organizing your CD collection or any other types of media. Those come assembled and are $19.99 plus shipping.

The Story Behind The Jivewired Record Crates:

In 1901, The Victor Talking Machine and Victrola was invented, allowing mass production of the flat phonograph record. Jivewired was in business soon after helping indie bands and musicians find gigs. #TrueStory

A lot of people are unaware of our historical roots, heck we staged the original Farm Aid after the 1906 Mee-Kwon Dam Disaster that flooded all of the farms here in the local valley and left thousands of families near bankruptcy and starvation (NO - Willie Nelson did not play, he was too young at the time, look it up).

Well, we've uncovered a bunch of our original Jivewired record crates and we are making them available to the public for purchase. Proceeds will go to help out with defraying some of the expenses for our bands going to Sturgis.

Each crate holds 120 full LP albums, and there is a very, very limited supply. You'll be able to get yours starting tomorrow. In an incredibly fortuitous deal for you, we can even combine your purchase with a Jivewired T-Shirt. The women at the dry goods store here in town call that "accessorizing" but we just like to think of it as two cool items for one low price.