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article by: Michael Canter

13 April 2014

Sunday Morning Social Media -- Twitter in Bb

We're watching Twitter. More specifically, we're watching you on Twitter. Each Sunday morning we'll share our favorite tweets of the week from the bands and performers on Jivewired. Use the links to connect and follow along with us.

Jeff Campbell is not a fan of the new Godzilla remake:

Dr.Pants leads the anti-facebook revolution. We are thinking of going off the grid as well.

Meanwhile.... Caroline Pennell wishes that Tweets could be more than 140 characters.

Star Anna poses a philosophical question regarding Sonic Youth.
This would have been a great line for the movie High Fidelity.

Cyra Morgan is trying to quit social media acronyms cold turkey.
No more LOL-ing.

Drew Schofield may be spying on our interns.

Piqued Jacks is pro-spring and earth-friendly. Nice!

Bond & Bentley. No Wagon Wheel. Please.

Oh no you didn't, Darius Rucker.

But wait. No Stairway either.

Open Air Stereo loves Coldplay.

Unfortunately not everybody agrees........

Ending on this note.......

An art project maybe? Super Water Sympathy would like to lurk inside your refrigerators.