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28 December 2010

Listener's Poll: Jivewired Radio Top 50 Spins For 2010

The listeners have spoken, and "Eclipse" by Mai Bloomfield has been voted the 2010 Song Of The Year on Jivewired Radio.

Mai Bloomfield is a singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her musical path began with cello at age nine, and by 16 she was playing and writing her own songs on guitar. Out of college, Mai started singing, writing, and playing guitar and cello in the folk/rock band RAINING JANE. They carved a name for themselves in the indie music scene touring nationally for 6 years (120 shows/yr) and self-releasing 3 albums. In 2008 they co-wrote “A Beautiful Mess” with JASON MRAZ and have had songs placed on shows such as “GREY’S ANATOMY.” In 2010 they helped launch “ROCK N’ ROLL CAMP FOR GIRLS LOS ANGELES,” a non-profit dedicated to empowering girls through music education.

In conjunction with her work in Raining Jane, Mai continues to evolve as a solo artist and cellist. As a cellist, she’s been featured on records with JASON MRAZ and WILLY PORTER and has appeared on programs such as THE TONIGHT SHOW with SARA BAREILLES and INGRID MICHAELSON. As a solo artist, she writes and plays on guitar and has toured with a handful of national artists. In 2009 she released her first solo effort “Eclipse” and in 2010 those songs led her to become a FINALIST in the TELLURIDE TROUBADOUR and KERRVILLE NEW FOLK songwriting contests. In 2011 she’ll be a Showcasing Artist at the National Folk Alliance Conference.

Keep an ear to the ground; more is on the way...




2010 Telluride Troubadour Finalist
2010 Kerrville New Folk Finalist
2010 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Finalist Alternate
2010 International Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
2010 ASCAP Lester Sill Songwriter Workshop (selected)
2011 National Folk Alliance Official Showcase Artist

How The Songs Were Chosen:

The list is based upon listener ratings for the period of July 11, 2010 (when Jivewired Radio powered by Live365 launched) through December 20, 2010. Listeners can rate songs through an application on our radio player. A minimum of 10 spins for any one month is required to qualify. If your band was tagged in this post it is because your song qualified and was included.

Bands can get radio airplay on Jivewired Radio by signing up at http://Jivewired.com

Jivewired Radio Top 50 Spins for 2010

01. Eclipse by Mai Bloomfield
02. Graveyard by Lucy Schwartz
03. In Step (live) by Lissie
04. Ghosts by The Hundred In The Hands
05. Get It Down by Stellar Road
06. Anchor Drops by Umphrey's McGee
07. Let Me Go by Sonya Kitchell
08. Take Your Medicine by Quick & Easy Boys
09. Orange Blossoms by JJ Grey & Mofro
10. Afterglow by The New Collisions
11. The Sweetest Thing by JJ Grey & Mofro
12. 23 by Blonde Redhead
13. Jericho by K.C. Clifford
14. Morning Corners by Mobile Wash Unit
15. adrift (lessons in time) by theendisthebeginning
16. Listen by Amos Lee
17. Letters From The Sky by Civil Twilight
18. She Said by Lissy Trullie
19. Neverest by Hey Champ
20. Hedonist by Sharon Lang
21. Rhythms Of The Silence by Sheila Sondergard
22. Roll The Stone Away by Kim Richardson
23. Float On by Jennie Arnau
24. Crossfire by Brandon Flowers
25. Money Grows On Trees by The Ericksons
26. Nevada by Deluka
27. Give It Time by Eric Lindell
28. Crooked by Jaime Michaels
29. Across The Sun by We Landed On The Moon
30. Don't Let Your Feet Touch The Ground by Ash Koley
31. Generous Friends by K.C. Clifford
32. Lunatic's Desire by Film Noir World
33. I Am Free by DNA6 (feat. Randy Ponzio)
34. Some Time Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event
35. The Electric Car Ballet by Jared Lekites
36. Jimmy Page (acoustic) by Anna F.
37. Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National
38. Dr. Goodfoot by Hulon
39. Alive by Symphlov
40. Talk Of The Town by Joy Missile
41. Someday You'll See by 7 Walkers
42. Bootyfest by Dr. Pants
43. Fuel (live) by Ani DiFranco
44. Girl I Wanna Lay You Down by The Animal Liberation Orchestra
45. 100 Yard Dash (live) by Raphael Saadiq
46. Back Of My Mind by The Autumn Defense
47. Lemon Tree by Vindan & The Zion Band
48. Where Is The Love by Shaun C. Bryant
49. Horses by Brad Yoder
50. In The Weeds by Mon Monarch

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