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article by: Michael Canter

29 May 2012

I Want To Give My Product Away For Free But.......

I can't. 

But what I can do is make it ridiculously inexpensive.

Let me put it to you this way:  If I wanted to hire your band to play a gig I wouldn't expect that you would play for free.  You have a business, and I have a business and there are inherent costs to running each.  We can at least agree there.

My objective at Jivewired.com is to provide incredible value and expand your audience.

The industry buzzwords for that are footprint and inertia and it is pretty similar to what you are trying to accomplish in your musical career as well.  My business and your band are therefore virtually related because our objectives are incredibly similar and we can help each other in achieving those objectives.

In layman's terms, what we offer is an electronic press kit.  But that terminology is played out and carries negative vibes.  To put it technologically, an EPK is a PC in a tablet world.

What we really offer is a digital one sheet. 

The Jivewired Creative Lab is a Do-It-Yourself production studio for creating professional media sheets that range from award winning branded indie entertainment to celebrity-driven viral one-offs.
  • It's customizable
  • It can be branded
  • It's accessible to both fans and industry peers
  • It's easy to navigate (it is after all, just one sheet)
  • It's concise and streamlined
  • It commands attention
  • It is aesthetically appealing

Best of all it is inexpensive.

Right now, and until the end of June (or until we have 500 new sign-ups), it is only $60.  With no annual payments.  Ever.

Once we have sold 500 new digital one sheets, or starting July 1, 2012, any new member that joins the Jivewired family will be required to pay annually for our services.

And here are some great perks:
  • We are already placing bands into major festivals
  • We are getting radio airplay for many new bands
  • A Jivewired Digital One Sheet is accessible and will show up in all search engines
  • We provide links for all of your social media
  • We allow unlimited hi-def, hi-res uploads
  • The URL is customizable and can be changed in the event you need to change your band name
  • The set up is fast and incredibly simple, most take less than 30 minutes
  • Music playback is better than CD quality
  • We are providing world wide exposure for many bands

Additionally, we have a proprietary radio station, a dedicated blog and we publish about 100 album and EP reviews annually.  And we have a number of exciting projects to be announced shortly, including opportunities exclusive to those performers and bands who have affiliated with Jivewired.

Later this year we will be launching an amazing Facebook app, a mobile app, a leading edge festival-submission platform and some incredible back-end management applications that are truly state of the art.  We will also be offering a one-of-a-kind digital distribution system that puts point-of-sale revenues immediately into your pockets or bank account.

I am not going to go for the hard sell here. 

Just check out one of our press kits and you can decide if it is worth sixty bucks. 

I stand by my product 100%, so much in fact, that if you have a question or concern you can call me personally.  Once you sign up, my personal phone number will be included in your welcome e-mail and I am available at any time that I am not sleeping.  I return every phone call.

Here is a great example of what we offer, and there is a sign up link at the top right of this one sheet for performer Elvin Bishop.


The included screen shots also serve as links, simply click on any picture to get a feel for our navigation. 

Let me thank you in advance for joining Jivewired, and I look forward to a lifelong friendship and business relationship.  Our tagline is Friends. Music. Life.™

"Friends" always comes first.


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