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03 July 2012

New Music Tuesday - This Week's New Spins On Jivewired Radio

(Audra Mae)

This midwest heat wave has me wanting to hit the road to somewhere much, much cooler.  Like the Arctic Circle.  Or maybe Australia.  It's winter there, right?

It's like Africa hot everywhere.  The weather map doesn't lie.  Take a look-see:

Welcome to Hell.

Sadly, I'm not going anywhere.  It's too hot to even go out to the car just to get somewhere cooler.  So I am thankful for central air and really cool, new music.  I spent about $30 in the iTunes store this morning downloading lots of new stuff for your listening pleasure.  And mine too.

Here's a couple (well, five) you want to pay close attention to:

  • The Rocketboys
  • Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound
  • Arkells
  • Jesca Hoop
  • The Outer Vibe

And man, a comeback of sorts by Beachwood Sparks.  Remember them?  This edition is a little less trippy and psychedelic but nonetheless good.  And even though it's not really a new song, a new video by Wally Dogger for Drunk In The Day qualifies it for today's New Spins show.  We'll call it a reissue.  Since we've only got 25-30 new songs we'll carry some over from last week's episode.

One album that you should really look at, and it won't be on today's show despite it's all-around stunningness, is Neil Young's Americana, the first album from Neil Young & Crazy Horse in nearly nine years. Crazy Horse is: Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina, Poncho Sampedro, and Neil Young. As you ll see from the track-listing, Americana is collection of classic, American folk songs. In their day, some of these may have been referred to as "protest songs," "murder ballads," or campfire-type songs passed down with universal, relatable tales for everyman.  Stand out tracks on this release are Oh, Susanna, Gallow's Pole and This Land Is Your Land.

We'll hopefully have some of the new stuff after July 24, 2012.  I've ordered the vinyl on this one and it comes with the obligatory digital download card, but it won't be delivered until later this month.  And really, how could you have old standards utilizing new arrangements as performed by Neil Young & Crazy Horse and not have it on vinyl?  See what I did there?  Yes, I am telling you vinyl is making a hard-charging and exciting comeback, and Americana is vinyl-worthy.

That being said, a vinyl copy is about $40.  That tells you two things.  One, it is probably a limited release vinyl and two, Neil Young knows he has a vinyl-worthy album.  I really dig on that kind of confidence.  So just get it.

Lastly, I reviewed the Outer Vibe's new album Hoka Hey last week.  The album drops today, and you should get your hands on a copy.  Not that I am trying to tell you how to spend your money, but check out my review:

"This band is a true rock-n-roll revival, an avant-garde tribute to classic power rock and free thinking soul that is both complicated and extravagant without coming across as, well, complicated and extravagant."
~Michael Canter 

You can read the rest of the review by following the link below this sentence:


Every Tuesday we air "New Spins Tuesday", a show dedicated solely to the new music we add into rotation each week, usually between 40 and 60 tracks. The show airs from 7:00 PM to11:00 PM CST.

The songs we air on "New Spins" are also placed into permanent rotation so you can catch them by listening to Jivewired Radio anytime if you cannot catch us on Tuesdays. Enjoy!

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This Week's New Spins:

01. Forget The Song by Beachwood Sparks
02. Little Red Wagon by Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound
03. That Time Is Gone by The dB's
04. Born To by Jesca Hoop
05. Walking On Fire by The Rocketboys
06. Drunk In The Day by Wally Dogger
07. I'm Shakin' by Jack White
08. Typical Rock Star by Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs
09. Whatever You Like by The Outer Vibe
10. You're A Fool by Cisco Adler featuring G. Love
11. Heaven by The Walkmen
12. Want It Back by Amanda Palmer
13. Jebidiah Moonshine's Friday Night Shack Party by Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound
14. Give It Back by Skyline Pigeons
15. Teenage Blood by Tom Williams & The Boat
16. Our Hearts by Forehorse
17. Book Club by Arkells
18. Carry Me by The Rocketboys
19. Post-Rock by All These Runners
20. Gaucho by The Dave Matthews Band
21. Crossroads Of Desire by The Outer Vibe
22. Raise Hell by Brandi Carlile
23. Do It With A Rockstar by Amanda Palmer
24. Hospital (Win Your Love) by Jesca Hoop
25. Nothing Is Anything (Without You) [Acoustic] by Wintersleep
26. It Don't Mean A Thing (If You Ain't Got That Swing) by Joe Jackson featuring Iggy Pop
27. Feathers, Beaks and Gills by The Fatty Acids
28. Lollipop Opera by Public Image Ltd.
29. Food For Thought by Backyard Tire Fire
30. Haunted Heart by little hurricane
31. I Bought My Eyes by The Ty Seagall Band
32. Go Right Ahead by The Hives
33. Body Of Work by The Mynabirds
34. Sub Divider by Gaz Coombes
35. Came Out A Lady by Rubblebucket
36. Coming Down by Lera Lynn
37. Out Of Love by Rhett Miller
38. Pretending The Stars by Mindy Smith
39. I Don't Know by Kat Edmonson
40. All Over Me by The Bodeans
41. Creeping by 2:54
42. Singularity by Hollow & Akimbo
43. Michigan Left by Arkells
44. Trembling Hands by The Temper Tramp
45. Alright by Skyline Pigeons

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