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22 September 2012

Twenty Questions with Sean Zee of The Outer Vibe

Sean Zee is the lead singer of The Outer Vibe, an independent rock band out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sean boasts a multi-octave register and is impeccably perfect at either end of his range and everywhere in between. I have seen Sean absolutely nail a Johnny Cash-like baritone as well as hitting a near falsetto on the band's latest single Crossroads Of Desire.

Sean has a Freddy Mercury/Jim Morrison/Michael Hutchence vibe that is incredible both live and in the studio. With each release he seems to hit new heights, flying in the face of everything logical that says it's impossible to remain perfectly pitched at all times. He has no sonic constraints, moving within and around each tune with remarkable fluidity, part Freddie Mercury of Queen, part Justin Hawkins of The Darkness.

Above it all, Sean seems genuinely happy on stage, microphone in hand, belting out the band's original material. There is no such thing as too happy, and Sean Zee reflects that on stage and in person. As part of a new blog series focusing on indie music's brightest personalities, we asked Sean to share a bit of himself in a segment we are calling Twenty Questions with......

You can get The Outer Vibe's latest release, Hoka Hey, at the band's website or from all of the usual suspects, linkage provided below.

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Jivewired: Latest movie you've seen and give us a one-sentence review:
Sean Zee: Dark Knight Rises - Batman movies are the only movies I'll pay to see, and this movie definitely lived up to my expectations.

JW: What movie character is most like you?
SZ: Forrest Gump

JW: What is the greatest album ever and why?
SZ: Dark Side of the Moon. It's seamlessly perfect.

JW: The one song you wish you had written?
SZ: The Load Out/Stay by Jackson Brown

JW: Your proudest moment and why?
SZ: Independently writing, producing and recording music with The Outer Vibe. Why? Because it's amazing to see the project take form. It becomes your baby.

JW: If you died tomorrow what would you want to be most remembered for?
SZ: My ability to draw Ninja Turtles really well.

JW: Read any good books lately?
SZ: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

JW: Love or money?
SZ: LOVE! all the way.

JW: The best advice you’ve ever been given and did you follow it?
SZ: Don't fear the reaper. I haven't met him yet.

JW: Tell me about your most hidden talent:
SZ: I can do a very believable Pee-Wee Herman impression.

JW: If you were taking me to dinner, where would you take me and why?
SZ: Remington's in Thiensville, WI. You can buy shots of tequila for the entire bar!

JW: My vice of choice is.......?
SZ: YouTube

JW: Leather or Levis?
SZ: Levi's

JW: Beer, Wine, Vodka, Coffee, Soda - which brands of each do you prefer?
SZ: Beer - Star 26 or any craft brew. Wine - Franzia. Vodka - Crystal Head. Coffee - eight o'clock. Soda - Vernor's Ginger Ale.

JW: The best thing you have ever bought, stolen or borrowed?
SZ: A guitar.

JW: Not mentioning names, craziest fan/groupie ever and why?
SZ: A woman once squirted me and the rest of the band with her own breast milk. It was both a traumatizing and amazing experience.

JW: My favorite local band is..........
SZ: Mr. Mammoth

JW: If you had five minutes with him, what would you tell our President?
SZ: Wanna play a pick-up game of basketball?

JW: Which venue would you like to play most?
SZ: Red Rocks Amphitheater Denver, CO

JW: What are you currently working on?
SZ: I have a list a mile long of things to design for The Outer Vibe. Merchandise, promo, web site, and of course writing songs when I get the urge to do so. Which is often.

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