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03 March 2013

Album Review - Rise Above This by New Day Dawn

“There is not one track that would not be a viable option for a DJ at a radio station or on Internet music channels!”
— Kevin Hannaleck - Muzikreviews

Release Date: 12-March-2013
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock / Arena Rock
Publisher: [p][c] 2013 Dawn Botti/Botti Parts Music LLC
Label: Botti Parts Music LLC
Total Time: 19m 54s
Review Date: 03-March-2013
Review Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 160 kbps
For Fans Of: Heart, Lita Ford, Bon Jovi, Shinedown, Halestorm
Songs In Jivewired Radio Rotation: You Are My Everything, Whatever It Takes
Best Songs: Runaway, You Are My Everything, Lay Your Head, Whatever It Takes
Best of the Rest: Life Impossible
Previous Jivewired Review: None
Jivewired Digital One Sheet: http://jivewired.com/newdaydawn

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Track Listing:

01. You Are My Everything
02. Lay Your Head
03. Life Impossible
04. Whatever It Takes
05. Runaway


Rise Above This, the new EP by New Day Dawn is a pop-friendly arena rocker that burns cover to cover with immediate and radio-friendly music that leans heavily on tight production, emotive hooks, lengthy holds, expansive choruses, fiery guitar work and Dawn Botti's resonating vocal inflections. There is a lot to like, and the EP is an easy listen with great flow, voluminous rolls, addictive rhythms and catchy lyrics.

Rise Above This is an auspicious EP highlighted by a veteran studio presence.  Credit Botti's previous works and an all-star ensemble, one that that includes Chris Henderson (Three Doors Down) and John Moyer (Disturbed) on production.  The result is an EP with a polished feel but one that still demonstrates a rawer, rocking feel with unrelenting energy and instrumental power.   And that's what you would expect considering the band's bio and comparisons to bands like Heart and Halestorm.  On Rise Above This, New Day Dawn offers hard, guitar-driven rock with a bit of a bluesy sound mixed in. It is commercially friendly, but it still represents one of the better hard rocking indie releases I've heard in some time.  This album has a direct and assertive sound that accentuates the rock dynamics within it's arrangements and vocals.

Botti's vocals are exquisitely alluring.  Her holds are pitch perfect and never overdone.  Her abilities as a vocalist drive the band, and Runaway and You Are My Everything, the best songs on this release,  are perfect examples.  Botti leads the verse and chorus, projecting dreamy mists and sweet atmospherics while hitting her upper register perfectly, forcing the issue when called to, and relenting to the backing instrumentation when necessary.  Lay Your Head shows a somewhat softer side while remaining positively electric on the chorus.  Despite the presence of a more classic sounding composite, New Day Dawn manages to exude a refreshingly current feel to the music herein as well.  Four of the songs on this five-song output could garner mainstream airplay and tremendous fan appeal, and Life Impossible, though not as strong as the other songs, is still a fine song despite a somewhat repetitive coda.

Though there is nothing innovative or groundbreaking on Rise Above This, New Day Dawn manages to exhibit extreme proficiency in their music.  Too many bands try to reinvent the wheel.  New Day Dawn simply improves the ride, using memorable guitar/vocal interplay and slight tempo shifts to capture the listener.  And Dawn's holds are simply captivating.  It's refreshing to hear something that kicks pretentiousness and snobbery to the curb and candidly provides balls-out, rocking music.  Rise Above This pitches a cocksure attitude, one that combined with it's fire and impudence results in an EP that is wonderfully hook-laden and instantly addictive. 

About New Day Dawn:

For years New Day Dawn songwriter and front lady Dawn Botti led a double life. She was an executive at a major media company by day and a rock musician by night. Her band performed all over the U.S., including at a number of major music festivals, such as South By Southwest (SXSW) and the Millennium Music Conference. Her double life lasted until June of 2012, when she was confronted with an ultimatum.

“My boss said to me either you’re going to be successful here and you’re gonna push your music back down to a hobby level, or you can’t work here.” It was a choice Botti had thought about on a regular basis but she says when it was actually presented to her, “it was the easiest decision in the world to make. I’m not giving up music.”

Soon after she parted ways with her nine to five, Botti and her band consisting of drummer Gary Szczecina (who is also Botti’s husband) and guitarist PJ Angeloni, finished their second album, Rise Above This, which will be released in February.

Musically, Botti describes Rise Above This as “anthemic rock, with big, bold choruses.” This is due, in part, to New Day Dawn working with platinum-selling songwriter/ guitarist Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down), and John Moyer (Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob) who each produced tracks on the album.

New Day Dawn isn’t Botti’s first attempt at rock success either. Her previous band, Slushpuppy, received early airplay from Matt Pinfield on NYC’s K-Rock (WXRK 92.3FM), back when it mattered and regularly filled iconic venues like CBGB’s. Slushpuppy broke up in 2003. Shortly thereafter their bassist Cory Baker committed suicide. Determined to never quit, Botti started New Day Dawn, but then put it on the back burner when she became pregnant with her son. In 2006 the band started back up and released their first full length album, The Company We Keep, in 2008.

For Botti, she says one of the highest compliments someone can give her is that they can’t get her songs out of their head. “To me, that means I’ve succeeded. I want you to remember.”

After one listen to Rise Above This, it’s clear Botti is a woman, and New Day Dawn is a band, you won’t want to forget.

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