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13 June 2013

Album Review - I Am Ready [EP] by Frank Palangi

"A solo artist, bringing new music that is a creative sonic blend of rock, that remolds his sound and, thought-provoking lyrics, while offering great melodies and arrangements for the modern audience with a positive outlook."
~ Bluebird Review

Release Date: 11-June-2013
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock / Contemporary
Location: Upstate, NY
Publisher: [p][c] 2013 Frank Palangi
Label/Distribution: Unsigned
Total Time: 19m 08s
Review Date: 13-June-2013
Review Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps (Masters)
For Fans Of: Our Lady Peace, Days Of The New, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback
Songs In Jivewired Radio Rotation: I Am Ready
Best Songs: I Am Ready, Boohoo, Thank You, Frozen
Best of the Rest: Turn It All Around
Previous Jivewired Review: http://blog.jivewired.com/2013/05/album-review-artists-in-plus.html
Jivewired Digital One Sheet: http://jivewired.com/frankpalangi

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Track Listing:
  1. I Am Ready 3:52
  2. Turn It All Around 3:10
  3. Frozen 3:00
  4. Thank You 3:21
  5. Boohoo 3:14
  6. Last Wish [Bonus Demo Track] 2:31


Last month I reviewed the extensive compilation in the Artists In The Plus series, of which Frank Palangi was a part.  Here is what I wrote about Frank's contribution to the album:

"For fans of Three Doors Down and Our Lady Peace. A really good song that seems slightly out of place on this compilation, which is probably why it's the closing track. It's also an older song (my research indicates a release date of 2008, though that could be incorrect), which attests to it's gargantuan post-grunge feel. The intensity is inviting, the guitars and rhythms inescapably addictive, and Palangi shows an overarching sense of ambition on this cut. But, that leaves me wondering why a song that may be five years old is the artist representation on this compilation and why it hasn't been a mainstream hit. Still, I'm Waiting is well worth the, um, wait, both on this album specifically and in mainstream rock radio in general. Sorry for sounding cliched."

Palangi expands on that sound with  this release.  The firebrand guitar is still there, and Palangi reaches new heights as a guitarist, particularly on the opening title track, a song that is everything post-grunge should have been in it's heyday.  To me the bar was set by Our Lady Peace and I Am Ready eclipses the best songs of that band.  To say that Frank Palangi absolutely shreds would be an understatement, but, superlatives aside, there is no better description.

There is no discounting Palangi's ambition with this EP, especially in a time of so many disingenuous albums that rely solely on one or two good tracks and nothing more.  Frank Palangi is swinging for the fences here, and the album offers a variety of tempo changes that creates an ambiance as much as it creates a storyline.  You don't usually get this type of wonderful musical divergence on an EP, especially one that represents the edgier side of indie music.    The result is an output where every song is above average or better. In utilizing a more panoramic weave, and with that ever-present shredding guitar, I Am Ready is an easy listen and one worthy of repeat plays. 

That being said, it is the roaring riffs of Frank Palangi that will keep this record spinning.    I Am Ready is a grandiose effort with a grandiose reach driven by Palangi's guitar.  Better, his voice is easy on the ears as well, as Palangi works succinctly within his range and in effortless fashion. The combination is spot on, as Palangi is careful to never let the heavier instrumentation conceal the emotional depth of his vocals.  In that respect, there is a fluidity to these songs reminiscent of Evanescence at times.  Additionally, there's no vocal stress or lyrical over-verbosity that can tend to drag down the slower songs.  That makes the two ballads on this EP standout selections as well, with the best being Frozen, which is absolutely sublime. 

The caveat here is that you more than likely have to be a fan of the post-grunge alternative sound to fully enjoy this album.  There isn't much crossover (maybe hard pop-rock fans of bands like Bon Jovi will dig this), and though Frank Palangi masters the ability to change speeds and tempo, and does so very well, the reality of this EP is that it is centrally located and firmly entrenched in a specific genre.  It's head and shoulders better than Nickelback, and right there musically with the best of Our Lady Peace.  If you are a fan, like I am, then this album is a winner all around. 

About Frank Palangi:

Upstate, NY singer, songwriter, and artist whose music ranges from acoustic rock to heavier flavors who writes, creates and develops his own music. "It has been a blessing." Palangi said due to some of his past medical issues growing up with those hardships but learning to adapt and overcome challenges with his passion and drive. One of the most important things to Frank is interaction and standing tall for his positive influence for fans. From emails, to social media everyday, to personal phone calls to shows with talking, taking pictures and hanging at the merch booth and walking around personally getting to know people. Frank's online networking and promotions are heavy and is easy for fans to know where they can hear, see, and connect.

Palangi performs as frequently as possible and plays heavily throughout the northern eastern area. Any chance he gets to play either solo or band backing type show, he rocks the house giving energetic, true, and enjoyable performance. With branching out with national artists for shows in other states/tours... the future is wide open for this musician.

2013 brings new light, exposure and industry game with the EP album titled "I AM READY". The 2012 single "I AM READY" proved to be a solid modern rock track that attracts your attention and is not the traditional cookie cutter material with raw ambition. Along with "FROZEN" the ballad single off the record, producer Rob Coates from Nashville, TN, who has worked with many mainstream and Grammy nominated artists, has brought that raw, solid, and modern twist with Frank's honest, determined, and motivating personally to life. Members of signed acts from "Pillar" drummer Lester Estelle jr and guitar Noah Henson, "Eowyn" guitarist Jacob Veal has performed with Frank as well. "Frank’s natural talent and certifies that he can write songs that compete with the big boys of rock." Jamsphere Magazine.

Still an independent artist but he is taking the challenges of what it takes to grow and catching ears of the industry. Frank executive produced, entered the mixing arena, and recording as well which proves to be a statement in his career.

Past works which include "Frank Palangi EP" from 2011 produced by veteran Rogers Masson (Marilyn Manson, Vintage Trouble). The sessions held in music center of the world, Nashville, TN. Frank has written, performed, and co-produced this material which brings out the talented young man determination. Rogers says, “This is the baddest rhythm section in the land, and along with the vocal guidance of singer Josh Brown (former Full Devil Jacket singer) , Frank’s songs are going to turn out amazing.” "EP" Mastered by Mult-Grammy Award winner Gavin Lurssen. Signed act "Day of Fire" worked and performed with Frank on the EP as well.

His constant playing, marketing (and constant writing and recording, too) are signs of his deep passion for music, something he believes is required for someone to be truly accomplished as a young musical artist. "If you want to play music and live your dreams, it must be a passion, a drive and a will. Practice and focus is a big key. I have a saying, I have no plan B on backing down on my dreams."

For Booking questions email: frankpalangi@yahoo.com

He has received radio airplay/interviews on national and his local market levels with FM/internet stations. Local and national online newspaper/magazine/blogs/reviews write-ups including FOX 23NEWS, GUITARWORLD MAGAZINE.

Music licensing through Ourstage.com (an MTV Partner website) and various other companies for placements. Opening for national artists FUEL, TRAPT, Candlelight Red, Young Guns, HURT, Prospect Hill, Bad Axis, Sirsy, Deluka, Jess Malin (Former D-Generation singer), Silversyde. Local talent contests (placing in top 20). Winning "BEST IN THE REGION" for acoustic act in local paper. Film projects through companies like RED BULL contests placing top 50. Placing in final top 50 of the Grammy Live contest 2012.

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